STATUS  Implemented ★
TYPOLOGY  Education
DATE  2013

BAMBÚ EN URUGUAY promotes and spreads the use of native bamboo in strategic points of Uruguay, making contact with the immediate community showing its possibilities and properties in design, architecture, and industry, and tracing the different species of the bamboo present in the country. The project was created and developed by Katia Sei Fong in 2012. To date, 19 conferences, 29 free workshops with children, ten free workshops with adults, and four free exhibitions have been held, with more than 7,200 people. 

BAMBÚ EN URUGUAY is a project selected by the Competitive Fund for Culture - Ministry of Education and Culture in 2013 in the design category, declared of Tourist Interest / Natural Uruguay by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, supported by the departmental governments of Río Negro, Tacuarembó, Artigas and Montevideo, the Embassy of the P.R.China in Uruguay.    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay