PROGRAM  Architecture Instruction
STATUS  Ongoing
TYPOLOGY  Education
LOCATION  FADU Montevideo - Uruguay
DATE  2022-Present

Exploring the interplay of space in architecture, territory, and landscape, we recognize architecture as an extension of nature. We move beyond mere construction, reflecting on our relationship with nature through a contemporary and critical lens on "sustainability - project - environment." Our exploration covers landscape, territory, biophilia, biomimetics, art, natural materials, and sustainability. This course aims to connect, analyze, and reflect on the relationship between nature and architecture.

There is an innate biological connection between human beings and nature (since we are nature), but over time we have been “denaturing” ourselves, building limits, and anthropizing our environment. Our species currently spend too much time indoors, but if we think of a vacation or rest place, we imagine parks, beaches, mountains, forests, spaces - landscapes where nature predominates.    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay