DO School

PROGRAM  Entrepreneurship
STATUS  Completed
TYPOLOGY  Training Course
LOCATION  Hamburg-Germany
DATE  2015

The DO School trains social entrepreneurs by pairing them with experienced leaders for practical knowledge exchange. The program consists of a ten-week campus incubation phase followed by a ten-month implementation phase in participants' home countries. During incubation, participants collaborate to develop solutions for group challenges, gaining hands-on experience. 

In Hamburg, Germany, I was part of a global team of nineteen entrepreneurs tasked with designing a sustainable packaging solution for H&M that was economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. Our solution, ECOLOGI, was an innovative shoe packaging aligned with H&M’s sustainability goals. The DO School equipped me with the tools and resources needed to launch my social initiative and make a positive impact.    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay