PROGRAM  Train Station
STATUS  Competition ★ 1st Prize 
TYPOLOGY  Urbanism
TEAM +Ken Sei Fong
DATE  2011

Movement is the outcome of an object's change in position, and the movement of people generates spaces, places, and routes. To analyze Hangzhou, the city can be divided into layers representing historical and modern-day aspects that coexist harmoniously. Movement between these layers, integrated with transportation, plays a crucial role in connecting them. The richness landscape and architecture history of the city attracts many visitors whether foreign and local, in turn the proximity to shanghai. Propose densification of urban space in the top of this space for the train station this layer of movement is composed of a main layer and smaller layers adapting to the needs for proper functioning of efficient flow of transportation the difference "sublayers" allows the train, the vehicle and pedestrian flow effectively throughout the city each layer are located and connected to their relationship with space and possible sequence of operations.    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay