PROGRAM  Housing
STATUS  Competition ★ 2nd Prize
TYPOLOGY  Architecture 
TEAM +Ken Sei Fong
DATE  2013

The house is generated as a knot, given by the path, it allows the paths of the house not to be direct and shortest, but instead, it tries; the user is motivated to paths that contain the use of the house itself, trying to reduce spaces for mere circulation to a minimum. It integrates with city attractors, maintaining harmony with neighboring properties. Two potential house expansions are considered based on public or private use. Orientation to the sun influences material choices for light and thermal benefits, favoring polycarbonate and reflective surfaces. We define gardens in all the essential spaces of the house, increasing spatial richness, gardens as ecosystems, domestic, small-scale landscapes are created, the house benefits from the diversity of spaces equipped with nature, equipping the house with nature allows the landscape to be manipulated. The stair is an element that connects two points located at different distances on the z-axis. The search to create a space, more than the simple connection of two points, intensifies its use, makes it more complex, and generates new uses associated with this peculiar space that can be a staircase.    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay