PROGRAM Wool Design
STATUS  Competition ★ 1st Prize 
TYPOLOGY  Product Design 
TEAM +P.Gómez +M.Fernández
DATE  2011

Ovillo is a versatile seating solution designed for children. Its book-like shape allows modules to be rearranged easily, offering new positions and functions. Crafted from felt made of wool in various colors, Ovillo provides a comfortable surface for sitting and lying down. This innovative product is ideal for home use, enhancing children's play and activities.

The unique design of Ovillo serves multiple purposes, functioning as a bench, chair, mat, and recreational space. It fosters a connection between children and natural materials like wool, with 75% of the material being natural wool by weight. Sustainability is a key focus, utilizing wool remnants to minimize waste. Ovillo showcases the use of natural, ecological, and renewable fibers, representing innovation in furniture design.

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