STATUS  Ongoing ★
TYPOLOGY  Material Study 
DATE  2018-Present

This project aims to develop technical knowledge about bamboo in Uruguay, providing essential data for its use in the construction industry. The goal is to advance the future development of bamboo based on a thorough understanding of its capabilities. The study focuses on determining the physical and mechanical properties of native bamboo to assess its structural feasibility in architectural projects, examining two key species: Guadua Chacoensis, expected to have superior structural performance based on similar species, and Bambusa Tuldoides, the most common bamboo species in Uruguay. The significance of this research lies in the limited utilization of bamboo in Uruguay, resulting in a lack of technical information compared to countries where bamboo is more widely used. This information is crucial for designing and constructing structural elements that leverage bamboo's advantages, given its affordability and basic treatment requirements.    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay