PROGRAM  Product
STATUS  Academic Project
TYPOLOGY  Product Design
DATE  2009

Tetrazap is a DIY protective cover for the xo laptop, designed to be assembled by children using modular pieces and online instructions accessible from the xo device. This project addresses the issue of Tetra Pak waste in Uruguay by promoting reuse and raising awareness through collaboration with the AVE FÉNIX Social Cooperative of waste collectors. The product includes three main components: modular pieces that fold into triangles to create a continuous design, a closing piece with an eyelet and elastic, and an instructional guide. Each kit contains 122 pieces packaged creatively.

Tetrazap provides effective laptop protection while fostering creativity and sustainability. This initiative leverages the xo laptop and the Ceibal Plan to promote visible results and encourage sustainable practices at home.

katiaseifong@gmail.com    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay