STATUS  Competition ★ Winner
TYPOLOGY  Graphic Design
TEAM +Ken Sei Fong
DATE  2010

Zona Poema, described as "an urban-poetic and design festival of living poetry," aims to weave poetry into the urban landscape by creating posters featuring short poems displayed on JC Decaux’s street furniture in the Zona Diseño area. This initiative embeds poetry into the fabric of city life, offering readers unexpected moments of aesthetic delight amidst their daily routines. By showcasing poetry in public spaces, it gives voice to the art form, making it visible and enriching the city with its unique and unconventional presence. This approach fosters a new communication dynamic, inviting passersby to engage with literature in fresh and innovative ways as they navigate public thoroughfares.

The selected poem, "despalabrarte" by Roberta Gente Dorado, is highlighted through its repetition, forming a pattern and textured background that adds depth to the poem's visual presentation.

katiaseifong@gmail.com    +598(0)94540574   Montevideo, Uruguay